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The Global Industry Classification Standard used by Morgan Stanley defines the consumer staples sector and industry that includes companies whose businesses are less sensitive to economic cycles. It includes manufacturers and distributors of food, beverages and tobacco and producers of non-durable household goods and personal products. It also includes food & drug retailing companies as well as hypermarkets and consumer super centers. Using CrowdPoint’s next generation Blockchain all members of the ecosystem benefit from the transparency, speed and immutable transactions associated with food, staples, retailing, beverage, tobacco, household and personal products.


Our mission is to horizontally and vertically unite Food, Staples, Retailing, Beverage, Tobacco, Household and Personal Products on our NexGen Blockchain in order to DEMOCRATIZE the Consumer Staples Experience for your HUMAN IDENTITY.


CrowdPoint Blockchain is unique because it not only secures your valuable data and transactions but it protects your identity which is being exploited, traded, and profited of by government and big corporations to secure their empire while stripping the power away from its people. No more- get your decentralized ID!- Claudia Loelke


1. Recover your privacy, your identity and security, so you can dance, work & play like nobody is watching.


CrowdPoint is the new paradigm. The chance for humanity to unite and rise above the oppression of human rights in today’s surveillance capitalism. Human liberty, autonomy, wellbeing, and privacy are in danger and CrowdPoint is unique in its cause of defending the highest of our values.


1. A) CrowdPoint Blockchain an Artificial Intelligence that's cuts out the middle man and provides real value to real people

B) CrowdPoint offers A deeper understanding of the capabilities and limitations of blockchain technology, enabling you to assess which business problems it can solve.

C) No Gimmick The CrowdPoint Blockchain Protects You get Your Cyber Vaccination today. Join Us! We are Free! Protection You Deserve Are Here, Don't Delay!

D) The CrowdPoint Blockchain is unique because it reaches down, pull you up so that you can feel confident and free.


The biggest thieves on the internet are hiding in plain sight. By joining CrowdPoint’s cutting-edge blockchain ecosystem, you enjoy a whole new kind of online experience. Whether you’re gaming, checking your financial portfolio, or anything in between, your data and your devices are protected from the many behind-the-scenes deals that Big Tech makes off your greatest asset: your identity.


What makes the CrowdPoint blockchain unique is that it uses the power of four complex technologies: blockchain, big data, AI and compaction to create a simple business model: a sharing economy where all the people involved are compensated for the value that they bring to the marketplace. Your identity is not only of value, it is invaluable to every transaction.


Why is the Crowdpoint Blockchain unique? Every one of us is unique. Our human identity is unique. CrowdPoint Technologies has created a paradigm shifting marketplace empowering and creating freedom for all of us.


CrowdPoint Technologies is taking back control from big tech and restoring power back in YOU the people and helping you get to the most important destination of all...FREEDOM


Crowdpoint has true servant leaders that want to help you succeed. Inturn, motivating you to do the same. Allowing the change the world is waiting for... Paula Kavanagh


What makes the CrowdPoint Blockchain unique is that it uses our decentralized ID on a decentralized ledger of smart contract transactions which creates an egalitarian ecosystem for small to medium sized business to compete evenly while at the same time protecting the human identity.


A) Would you like to know, why our Blockchain is unique? Well, on the Big Tech platforms only the Big really makes it through, and the Medium and Small are being systematically crushed. But here we are welcome all shapes and sizes. With us EVERYONE is treated with the same respect, have equal opportunity to thrive and to become a winner.

B) Would you like to know, why our Blockchain is unique? Well, on the Big Tech platforms only the Big really makes it through, and the medium and small are being crushed. But here we are welcome all shapes and sizes. With us EVERYONE has the same and equal opportunity to thrive and prosper by being a part of our Sharing Economy that will reach every corner of the globe, no matter where you are - Botswana, Boston or Bhutan. Because we bring the change the world is waiting for and with us everyone is a winner!


A) The Blockchain decentralised id is unique to you as your DNA.

B) For the last 60 years, governments and corporations have never been fully held accountable for their actions. The lies, doctoring of documents, files and figures. A Blockchain Ledger gives you transparency. It can not be manipulated, altered or doctored. Blockchain smart contract gives your transparency, accountability. Blockchain technology is the SMART (contract) way to conduct business.


Crowdpoint blockchain is unique because it is solving the problem of online privacy & protection for the people, which did not have a viable solution until now via its proprietary blockchain technology.


“CrowdPoint’s Blockchain is Big Tech’s biggest fear. Protecting human identity is now a reality.”

Sobe - California, USA


The CrowdPoint Blockchain stands head and shoulders above any others - it is absolutely pro human, creating and championing a shared economy and prosperity for EVERYONE involved.


Stick around with Crowdpoint technology in every possible way,cause like everything else we will succeed.


C-CrowdPoints cyber security is a
R-Revolution to restore your
W-We win by going to a
O-On the blockchain
I-Involving exchanges
N-Never to be hidden....
T -Transparency is the key.

1) A unique movement away from being and operating in a ‘central’ platform, to a ‘de-central’ platform, to an ecosystem…like none other. Join us ( as we are 'turning over tables' (Mathew 21:12-13) This is a REVOLUTION to restore the ‘fortunes of my people’ (Jeremiah 30: 18-21), the VALUE OF THEIR IDENTITY!

As distributors and resellers in this ecosystem we are aiding others on their journeys of regaining their securities and value of their God given identities; to no longer be exploited. Our mission ( is to aid in the recovery of those that have been 'lost' and 'not found'; to help 'restore what has been stolen' (John 10:10 The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy; I have come that they may have LIFE, and have it abundantly).

Together....we WIN the BATTLE (Ephesians 6:12) by securing our identities on the BLOCKCHAIN!!! Band together with us as we MARCH ( (1 Chronicles 14:15)

2) CrowdPoint offers hope for better days and #CrowdPoint is leading us there! #SeanBrehm and the #CrowdPoint team have been so #giving, so #generous and so #encouraging! They have created an #ecosystem like none other!!! A #platform that puts the #security of peoples #privacy and #protection first!!! #CrowdPoint is leveraging the #blockchaintechnology to provide a #safe place for your #everyday #transactions with #datasecurity and #dataprotection, your #identityprotection! I am so very #grateful to be on this #journey #learning from the #servantleadership that #SeanBrehm and the #CrowdPoint team extend!!! Thank you for being a vessel to be used for good!!!!


1. "CrowdPoint Technologies.....the North Star of the 21 Century."



Everyone on the globe has a choice at their disposal today: stay within the realms of surveillance capitalism, or get on board the Crowdpoint Blockchain where, your identity is kept private, none fungible and provided with dividends.


A) Blockchain technology is reshaping business, replacing databases, and ultimately creating a safer world for everyone. I look forward to seeing the extraordinary possibilities of this expanding universal technology for humankind.

B) I stumbled upon the CrowdPoint Blockchain and saw it for what it truly is. It is more than an opportunity for people to grow financially in a safe and secure way, but to grow on a community level as well as an individual, hence bringing people back to their true human identity. This is bigger than simply me. I felt drawn to CrowdPoint because saw the beautiful loving humans behind this blockchain technology. Their passion and truth in unity and love is what brought me here. I could not pass up such a movement. I am excited to here.


A)The future begins with CrowdPoint Technologies. The heart of Crowdpoint is the people behind it, built with passion and integrity. Crowdpoint is unlocking their safe to the technology that will revolutionize the worldwide web.

1.B)CrowdPoint Technologies leads you on a journey to financial independence, success and freedom. CrowdPoint puts small businesses on the same playing field as large corporations. Their mission is to provide equality to all and protect your human rights. The power of the crowd is you and together we can all make this world a better place.

C) The future is CrowdPoint Technologies. CrowdPoint will have an undeniable impact on the global economy. CrowdPoint is unlocking the safe to their new technology on the Blockchain that will change the worldwide web.

D) CrowdPoint advocates for small businesses while supporting micropreneurs to make the world a better place. The crowd is built with passion and integrity. CrowdPoint will have an undeniable impact on the global economy.

E) “Imagine the possibilities! CrowdPoint brings to the present an undeniable future. Crowdpoint leads you on a journey to financial independence, success and freedom”

F) CrowdPoint is the change the world has been waiting for. Crowdpoint brings the present to an undeniable future. Crowdpoint is sweeping the worldwide web.

G) Today, Tomorrow and forever the future is CrowdPoint. CrowdPoint provides virus immunity, cyber security and protects your identity, thus your human rights.

H) Your future begins with CrowdPoint. CrowdPoint enables businesses and micro-entrepreneurs to reach their unlimited potential. Crowdpoint currently has 24 digital exchanges powered by the blockchain. CrowdPoint is paying it forward to the people. You!

I) Crowdpoint is the “final frontier” Crowdpoint is the 4th industrial revolution. Crowdpoint will bring power back to small businesses by making it possible to compete with the big corporations. Suppliers and customers trade in real time. CrowdPoint is changing history!

J) Crowdpoint is changing history. It is unlocking the technology that will change the world. The future in now! Crowdpoint Technologies will have an undeniable impact on the global economy. The heart of CrowdPoint is the people behind it. Achieve greatness join the crowd. Believe in the blockchain, CrowdPoint Technologies.

K) CrowdPoint has its own patented network of exchanges powered by the Blockchain. It promotes equality for all and protects our human identity. CrowdPoint’s mission is to help small businesses and micr-entrepreneurs to make the world a better place. CrowdPoint eradicates all inequality and provides cyber security , protects your data and offers virus immunity.

L) CrowdPoint Technologies “Is a worldwide dedicated, inspirational crowd of micro-entrepreneurs that have come together to build a solid block of trust and integrity and aspire to pay it forward. They are passionate about empowering small businesses so that they can complete with the big corporations and prosper”